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Excuse me for being the girl you didn't want. I can't help that I wasn't born a boy and that you have to compete with me constantly despite being my MOM, but since you want to be that way then fine. Your plan backfired anyway since me and my brothers are really cool with each other. If you need anything better go tell your youngest son because I'm not doing anything.

When I went to get my license I had to go through shit for 7 years I got it when I turned 23 that year. Now she's going on about getting some man to carry me around instead when I worked my butt off getting the damn thing. So yeah I asked if I shouldn't have gotten it or not. Then she gets mad well I don't care. How do you expect me to be when you keep telling me to find a man to basically be my babysitter?

So yeah I find it shitty and unfair that I had to go through so much, but my brothers don't. She encourages them to get their license while she did nothing, but bitch at me and told me to give up at one point. So yeah I'm asking why there's a difference. I wish she would just tell me she wanted me to be a boy so we can move the hell on with our lives.

I'll never understand why she always get so angry about this. She complains about having to drives us around, but gets mad when we want to do it.

Ugh. Can't wait, until I move out. It will be like watching a star deflate.
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