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Man I can't believe it's already 2015 where did the time go?

Sorry I haven't been on here a lot I've gotten into the world of RPing and since I RP on DW I'm on here, but not on this journal. I watch and read everything though not on my journal. So a couple of things have happened this year even though I don't really remember alot here is a summary of the year!

Good things:
-I got off my butt and finally RP again after so long and I'm having so much fun!
-My couple finally happened in Naruto. Quick history I've followed the series since the beginning and I've shipped this couple since the beginning and I never thought it would happen and it did! I'm so happy I'm through the moon!

-I lost my writing confidence for a while, but I finally found it. It's one of the reasons I haven't posted anything in a while.

-I worked through my nerves and published a story on this site called JukePop Serials. I asked my uncle for help and found out that my family is supported and all I had to do was tell them. The story is here and it's called New Home it's a paranormal romance story set in my hometown of Detroit. My characters from Pleasant Surprise will be there because I felt it was easier to use Detroit and Michigan as the landscape for an urban fantasy story. I guess it would be urban fantasy. Well check it out! If you'd like :)


-Changed my major and felt better that I made a decision based on my mental health and it turned out alright.

-Flirted for a while and while it didn't work out in the end I'm happy that I was able to figure out what I want in a person.

Alright those are some good things of course, there's always bad things too.

-Things are still stagnant at home.

-Still seen as a 15 year old instead of 25

-Had to change majors after being in education for over four years, so annoying, but helpful

-Was promised that I would receive help getting a car and it never happened.

-Almost dropped out of school like for real

-Almost fell back into my depression and stopped writing for a while

-Almost made a bad decision, but stopped myself from doing it

So all in all 2014 wasn't that bad. I do have some goals for the future though!

-Write more in all my worlds

-More Sam and Ed (I've missed my boys)

-Make either Tsukino/Kazu or Helen/Nate a serial and flesh out their main story a bit more

-Start doing prompt calls. If I started would anyone be interested in that?

-Look for a summer job because I need one.

-Keep writing

-Try to be a better friend online and RL

-Visit bestie in St. Louis

-Start dating (I finally think I'm cute and interesting enough)

-Read more

-Take better care of myself.

Woo that was long, but for anyone that kept up I'm glad you did! Alright I'll try to post on here more when I'm not in a sea of RP tags lol.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I hope this year is awesome for you because you deserve it!

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I finally archived all of my original pieces for Pleasant Surprise! My other two canons will be easy to do, but it's finished! Finished!

Here it is right here!

Now I can finally start writing new things for them without having to worry about it piling on top of other stuff! So new things soon! :)


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