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Sep. 16th, 2014 09:33 am
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Hello everyone! I'm still here and slogging through school, but with my last year coming to an end I'm trying to hang in there for the final stretch.

My bestie likes St. Louis. She tells me about all the things that are there and I couldn't be happier that she's enjoying herself. I still miss her so much though. :(

Still writing! Except I got back into RPing recently and I'm having a ball! So many times I'm trying to finish a thread or two or three lol.

I'm trying to find the right color for Amy/Jasmine (I haven't forgotten about them) and trying to work the piece out to something I like. I don't know if I should show them just meeting, first dating, admiring from afar bleh. I'm sure I'll figure something out.

Also I got back into my blog and serial fiction. The story is still set in the Pleasant Surprise universe and in this one we get to see where Eva, Antonio's daughter, is living. She's not the main character, but she's an important one. I'm aiming for an October reboot of my story, which I hope anxiety won't squash for me.

Let's see, I may have a car soon, well a second car in the family that I can drive. XD So that's always good!

Oh and I saw this meme and shamelessly stole it from [personal profile] bookblather hope that's okay!

Here are some WiPs I have:

1. Claire frowned when she tried to go back to sleep, but her alarm clock wouldn’t stop. She grumbled under her breath as she called up a shadow to shut it off for her. She couldn’t remember the last time she did something without calling a shadow up to do it for her.

2. Seth pouted as he tugged at his pajamas shirt. “But I want to stay up.”

3. She overslept, almost missed a meeting in the hospital, had an Ice Demon try to freeze her, and the neighbor’s cat wouldn’t stop following her. On top of that, she lost against her rival in the current round of an online game. She sighed and wondered if anything worse could happen.

4. Susie wanted to get mad at the werewolves involved in the raid, until she found one burying villagers.

5. Albert forgot that Rumond was a small town. He pulled out his badge and kept his staff key close by. When he continued to get the same bewildered looks, Albert looked down at his stared down at the Victorian style outfit with the gloves.

6. Christophe smiled and wrapped his arms around Albert. “I’m so happy! We’re going to be parents!”

7. It wasn’t that she didn’t love, she’d rather show it in private. Michelle had someone in mind, but he was the son of her dad’s rival. She didn’t want to cause a fight or something worse.

8. Claire would give a polite smile and grip Seth’s hand as the survivors of Axel’s troop talked about Axel’s bravery. She just hoped she wouldn’t cry quite as hard this year.

9. He looked down ready to burn what had his leg, until he heard Adam and Kia go, “No Seth don’t! Uncle Al is cool!”

10. She expected a strained smile at least not a friendly one or one so pretty. Amy pushed that thought away as she readied her notebook and took her order.

That's the tip of the iceberg right there lol. Hope everyone is doing alright!
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I spent all day trying to write the cute fic of Amy/Jasmine (no canon name yet, but that's the name of it XD) and I've been stuck on one part all day and it makes me so frustrated because the part I'm stuck on is describing Jasmine who's an African American woman. I'm an African American woman and I can't describe Jasmine.

Yes I'm sure there's a lot that goes into why I'm having problems, but right now I'm really frustrated that I spent all day on that.

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Even though I have a bunch of stuff to write and finish my brain convinced me it's a good idea to write a story about a diner with lesbians falling in love while one is an artist and the other loves science. Did I mention that in my head they're interracial as well?

Thanks brain for giving me probably a new canon or a human spin off to Pleasant Surprise.

So yeah that's um coming soon XD

Silly me...

Jul. 1st, 2014 07:36 pm
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Having opinions on things like birth control. Of course, it's not important at all. Guess I'll go back into the kitchen then.

I swear my head feels like it's going to explode sometimes.
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I haven't updated in a while so I will do so now! My birthday went great! I was able to drive by myself and it felt so great! My mom rented a car for me for two days and even though the thought of driving by myself terrified me at first I now love it! I can't wait to get a car of my own. :) I also got to pick dinner, got some awesome presents, awesome card, and my birthday cake form my grandma. So much yummy food!

I'm still a sad panda about my bestie moving for grad school. I know it's right for her, but I will miss her. I'm thinking about joining her once I graduate and am finally free from my university.

I actually made a profile on Elance, set up a portfolio, and tomorrow I have to have a skype chat so they can see I'm real. I'm pretty nervous about that, but I'm sure I can do it. I'll see more about my options soon. I can only hope I'll get something at my university.

Writing is going well, if I can put my game down for more than five minutes XD. I got Tomodachi Life for the 3DS as an early birthday gift and since it's pretty much me having an interactive fanfic and original fic in my hands it's hard to put down, but I know what's going next.

Fics to be posted:
-Claire's mother comes to help her out, but Claire isn't in the mood.
-Bernard/Alene/Albert threesome (yes it's going to happen soon promise ><)
-Sam/Ed first kiss

Other than that my anxiety hasn't kicked up in a while and that's really good. :)
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There's a very nice guy on tumblr who going to be kicked out and cut off from his family soon because he's in love with another great guy. I feel bad that I can't donate, but I do hope this signal boost gets around.

Here it is right here

I hope we can get him some help.

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It's been a while since I wrote something. I can thank that to my anxiety hitting the roof for a couple of days, but I'm doing pretty good. I've stopped drinking a bunch of coffee, stress eating, and pulling out my hair. My hair is growing back! Woo!

-I do need to write something I miss everyone and I have such awesome ideas too.

-Still job searching and it sucks, but I made some connections the other day so that was awesome.

-Trying not to close myself off here and RL. That's another reason why I haven't posted much on here. I want to ask for prompts, but I don't want them to pile up on the other things I have. I will ask anything you would want to see and I'll get to it.

-Job searching sucks, sucks so bad!

-My birthday is in 14 days and I'm half excited because I made it to 25 and half dreading it because I'm 25 and no job yet. Ugh, but it's gonna be my birthday soon and I love it. It's my one day to act selfish and I take it. ^^

-One day I will be able to watch a movie without having to hear someone twice my age cringe and go "Eww" when a gay or lesbian couple kiss. That will happen one day.

-That's all for now. :)
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I finally archived all of my original pieces for Pleasant Surprise! My other two canons will be easy to do, but it's finished! Finished!

Here it is right here!

Now I can finally start writing new things for them without having to worry about it piling on top of other stuff! So new things soon! :)


Apr. 29th, 2014 10:24 pm
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My meta on Pleasant Surprise is posted in the rainbowlounge! I hope I could do that and if not, I'll post it here. So happy I finished it that I already have another one planned. XD These are really fun to write.

Now I can get back to archiving and using my spreadsheets. OMG why didn't I use that sooner!

Next is revising a fanfic chapter, writing an article, getting my blog back on track, and a chapter of my serial while thinking of a new one.

Oh yeah job searching is in there because I like money.

Really happy I did it!
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Found this on tumblr and I'm pretty sure some awesome people could help this family out. I don't like the idea of someone being forced to go back to a gender they're not comfortable with. I'm for not pushing people into things that makes them uncomfortable.

I wish I could donate, but I can signal boost.

Hope everything works out for them.

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OMG I DID IT! I finished my essay on Pleasant Surprise where I talk about the origins, my love of music, and epic space battles! I'm gonna let it sit for a day then clean it up, but it's done! *dances* It's not half as long as I thought it would be. ^_^

Oh and one AU that's been kicking in my mind Regency AU because reasons. Can't you see Bernard and Alene trying to make things work during that time. XD

Oh yeah one more thing: I just love, love LOVE Ryuuko and Mako's friendship in Kill La Kill! I've been looking at picture on Tumblr and they're so cute! I may also ship these two because it makes sense. :)

Okay back to looking at pictures!


Apr. 14th, 2014 03:50 pm
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So while I try not to fret about my essay (I'm at the point where I write essays and hope it sounds good) I am free for a while! Now I can go back to archiving. I'm trying not to write anything new until I archive everything currently. OMG I'm still amazed that I wrote so much and that I didn't quit like I usually do so woo!

Still though *flops over* omg so much!

Oh yes I finally had time to start the meta for Pleasant Surprise! It's a rambly mess right now lol, but it will be finished soon. :) FYI I'm gonna be talking about anime, 80s music, and there will be a mentioned of games and fantasy books. Everyone likes that y/y? Yes.

Before I mentioned the current to do list attention Sam and Ed. You will get your stories soon! Gosh! I know you two want to hook up and have relationships and cute AU where you're college roommates that fall in love, but give me some time! Can you believe these two? They're as bad as Bernard and Alene. Speaking of which I was on TV Tropes (not wasting time mind you) and I found some tropes I think fits Bernard pretty well what do you all think?

Bernard: -Adorkable Dad
-Papa Bear
-Happily Married: (With Alene of course)
-Babies Ever After
-Badass Family (One of his sister is a mad scientist)
-Adult Fear (When his children was kidnapped, Axel's death, Albert almost drowning, and er others)
-You are not alone (How many of his friendships start)
-Chronic Hero Syndrome
-Delinquent (He wasn't the best behaved child in school)

I think that's enough for now or I'm going to do a whole thing on his character. XD

Current to do list:
-Pass this awful semester in school


My helper

Apr. 2nd, 2014 09:38 pm
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So all week I had my sore throat I was drinking tea and didn't feel any desire to write or archive. The minute I had my cup my brain went "Well time to write all the things! Not to mention archive!"


Guess I know what I'm going to be doing tonight. Hopefully I can finish putting everything in the archive and organize them into parts later. *nods*
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Well not really, but things are happening! The thing that's taking up my most time is archiving all my other stuff. Though archiving has shown me that I write about Bernard and Albert (Chris's boyfriend) a lot. XD I love Bernard though (yes I'm going to write things with you and Alene being sexy soon stop bothering me) and Albert because he's my bb and I love him so much! I should probably write more about Adam, but I love his father way too much. XD

Also school has cut into my writing time not to mention fanfiction and the Sims. I can play them so easy with my computer now it's awesome! I may make them in the Sims and take pictures of them like my bbs Sam and Ed. I just want to make them and watch them be all cute with each other.

So currently for the agenda it's:

-archiving old pieces
-Pleasant Surprise meta (I have notes and an outline!)
-Finishing Sam and Ed falling in love (because yes)
-Showcasing more of my awesome ladies (sorry ladies I'll do better)
-Sexiness with Bernard and Alene (because reasons)

Hopefully school won't try and kill me. ^^
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I have been sick since Tuesday night and can finally get up to use my computer. I'm still a little tired, but that's it. Though I'll have to see a doctor if I'm tired tomorrow, but my screen doesn't hurt my eyes anymore and I can walk around without losing my balance or tipping over so woo!

Glad to know everything is going well with people and now I can finally work on my Pleasant Surprise meta. XD

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I saw Sherlock! I LOVE MRS. HUDSON!! Omg I just adore her so much and want to be her when I grow up. I just ahh Mrs. Hudson is amazing!!

Also Irene Adler so freakin' sexy omg I love her too.

I love how people thought Sherlock and John were together! So great!!

Also I realized how many awesome people I have in RL. Getting a chance to spend the night over my bestie's house with my two closest friends had to be the greatest. :)

Now I'm off to write Colette's wedding and hope I can submit it to an open call.
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Since RL is being sucky right now it's time to update the list!

  • Stay Calm (Pretty much Sam coming out to his sister who is trying to tell him to calm down about Ed) Finished and posted!
  • Story of Sam and Ed's first kiss (Because it will be so cute omg ><) (Coming next)
  • Sex is not the enemy prompt (Don't know if I want to do Bernard/Alene or Helen/Nate still deciding) I um missed the date ><
  • Bitter Claire story (She's pretty bitter and trying to work on it) (Coming up soon)
  • Story that introduces Axel and Claire's families (I've worked out the families now to write them) (Coming up really soon)
  • Bernard/Alene fluff (because reasons and fluff and these two) (Coming soon)
  • Meta thing (I don't know if I should start out with characters or the overall concept of Pleasant Surprise. Ahh too many ideas!)
For the future: After I finish Dove Grey I'm gonna work on Lust and it's pretty much gonna be Bernard/Alene having lots of sexy times with each other and other people. I'll probably add other characters too and work in that threesome. I haven't written smut in a while and I think I'm way overdue.

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So I have some things I want to work on because I saw the challenge in the [community profile] rainbowlounge  and I still want to work on my sex is the enemy prompt so since I have some time today before I go home that's what I want to work on!

List time! (I like lists can't you tell ^_^)
  • Stay Calm (Pretty much Sam coming out to his sister who is trying to tell him to calm down about Ed)
  • Story of Sam and Ed's first kiss (Because it will be so cute omg ><)
  • Sex is not the enemy prompt (Don't know if I want to do Bernard/Alene or Helen/Nate still deciding)
  • Bitter Claire story (She's pretty bitter and trying to work on it)
  • Story that introduces Axel and Claire's families (I've worked out the families now to write them)
  • Bernard/Alene fluff (because reasons and fluff and these two)
I've also been knocking around a meta/essay thing about Pleasant Surprise like the concept and stuff. The questions in [community profile] rainbowlounge friend meme got me thinking so we'll see how that goes.

Well I probably do some reading, but I know what I'm going to grad school for. Library sciences in the archivist part because I can see myself being an archivist/librarian. :)

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Since I'm trying to fight the urge of not going to class this week I started clicking around DW because I want to be more active on here. Anyway I saw [community profile] queer_bigbang and it's something I've been interesting in and I never did before. I would like to do a big bang on DW, but then I think about if I have the time. Really it's an excuse for me to either write Sam/Ed fic (these two, I swear) something about Albert, Colette, or the changes of partners in the demon community. Ahh so much!


So far thanks to school I'm close to having a small breakdown. (Yay?) I know I'm almost there, but I'm just so tired and I want to graduate. Then again I'm not looking forward to slogging through the job pool. My plan is to freelance my butt off while job searching and hopefully I won't pass out. Ugh can't I get a degree on drinking wine?


Trying to plan an original novel, but I don't know if I should follow suggestions of writing a trashy book and making fast cash or keeping my soul and writing a book about two people falling in love, but they work their problems out and make adjustments like Bernard and Alene. Still deciding about that one.


Set up my loom last night! Can't wait to use it! Also it's awesome to see my youngest brother working with Legos again. He looks really happy and I'm glad to see that. :)


Someone tell me making Sims of Sam and Ed is bad. It's bad, right? Like I would make them and then they would adopt like three kids because you can do that in the Sims and then they would get a dog and it would be just so cute and SOMEONE TELL ME THIS IS WRONG! lol


In my psych class I have planned out both Axel and Claire's families that will make an appearance in the near future. Still don't know if I should put Daisuke or Claire together or have Claire find someone new because there's a bunch of back story of them and stuff and ahh confusing.


I do need to write that next chapter of my serial soon and also pick up a bag of pretzels because they calm me down for some reason when I eat them. Well time to get ready for class. ><

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This semester I'm taking English 3090 or Intro into Cultural Studies and today we got our paper topics. My teacher told me that the topic I bought up in the first part of class about the difference in communities (I used the way I celebrate Christmas and compared it to that of my best friend) and she said it helped her in choosing the topic of our first paper. She thought about my idea and it helped her!

I'm like on cloud nine right now!

Maybe I can do this English thing. :)


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