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It's been a while since I wrote something. I can thank that to my anxiety hitting the roof for a couple of days, but I'm doing pretty good. I've stopped drinking a bunch of coffee, stress eating, and pulling out my hair. My hair is growing back! Woo!

-I do need to write something I miss everyone and I have such awesome ideas too.

-Still job searching and it sucks, but I made some connections the other day so that was awesome.

-Trying not to close myself off here and RL. That's another reason why I haven't posted much on here. I want to ask for prompts, but I don't want them to pile up on the other things I have. I will ask anything you would want to see and I'll get to it.

-Job searching sucks, sucks so bad!

-My birthday is in 14 days and I'm half excited because I made it to 25 and half dreading it because I'm 25 and no job yet. Ugh, but it's gonna be my birthday soon and I love it. It's my one day to act selfish and I take it. ^^

-One day I will be able to watch a movie without having to hear someone twice my age cringe and go "Eww" when a gay or lesbian couple kiss. That will happen one day.

-That's all for now. :)
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