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Wow, so like I didn't notice how long it's been since I updated. ><

Well, first thing is first hello everyone!! ^_^

I know it's been awhile and it's been an even longer time since I posted to Rainbowfic (though I'm writing more things just haven't been posting everything yet and I fell back into fanfiction along with trying to do two serial fictions, so yeah still busy writing wise!) I miss posting there though so I'm going to see when I can get back into that because Sam and Ed have been poking me like crazy, It's like "Alright boys I hear you!" Geez, cuties am I right?

I'll start this with 2015 could have been much better. While it wasn't as bad as 2010-2013 it still could have been better. I still miss my grandpa very much (he passed away in June) then having to deal with the same thing that happened with my dad all over again then my depression and anxiety going up with the following year along with my stress of graduating while trying to find a job that I can apply to it's been all augh!

However, it hasn't been all too bad. I found out that many of my worries about my friends not liking me was all in my head. We talked about it and now I feel so much better knowing that it was only my anxiety talking again. Then with my fanfiction I started posting more and I've been getting requests! Even requests to do collabs so that's pretty cool ^^ Then I'm graduating soon and looking into more things to do when I go to grad school. I still want to be an archivist, but now I'm looking into doing some work with analysis with books. Since I'm taking a medieval course (I get to read Lord of the Rings and play Skyrim for school how cool is that!) I'm noticing that many tropes and themes are just older themes changed to fit the ideas of the society at the time with residual effects from past generations. Like how the nice guy trope is very similar to the knight who has finished their quest for the princess and expects their body to be the reward which was something that hasn't really gone away only has a new name for it. It's amazing! I'm actually enjoying things again which makes me happy because now I know the depression I was in for 2010-14 is finally clearing up. I am so happy to be into doing things again.

I'm happy and terrified that I'm going to be graduating soon. While I'm happy to be graduating, I'm terrified since I don't have a job and many people in my family think that you can just waltz in some place and get a job when it's like no. It makes it even harder since I still can't drive alone yet and the women in my family keep trying to get me to either a) dress myself up so an older man can hire me (blegh) or b) get married to an older guy so he can buy me everything (double blegh) as you can see I'm not happy with either option. So while I'll be job searching I'm going to be working hard to get paid on Jukepop then editing things on the side because hell no I will never do those options ever. Plus I'm hoping I won't get kicked out too. I don't know if that will happen still don't want to take any chances.

So many sad deaths happened in the beginning of 2016. So many wonderful talents lost from the world, though they are still entertaining us in this world and I hope they are entertaining in the next.

Overall I'm doing much better than I was before and I'm working hard to make sure that I can have myself together at least.

I still want to see what's in store for me so let's hope for a good 2016!

How is everyone? ^^

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This is going to be long so I'm going to put it behind a cut!

Learn more about me... )
Writing wise I'm working on a bunch of original stuff including a Victorian romance story for this contest on Jukepop that's currently eating my brain because I'm always on the paranormal side of romance, but it's been pretty fun. I have Marvel ideas and joined the Marvel Bang, trying to keep up with my blog, and I still need to get everything set up. *sighs* But I am trying to make it so yeah!

Hope everything is well with you guys ^_^

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I FINALLY GOT MY TWO BOYS TO KISS! SAM AND ED! I will post it tomorrow, but man that took longer than I thought, but I just wanted to announce that I DID IT! I FINALLY DID IT!



Though a few notes: Sammy, you know that Ed is on your side. Ed, you know that you have to let people know how you feel instead of trying to hide it among a bunch of ramblings. I love you two, but I swear. ><

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Man I can't believe it's already 2015 where did the time go?

Sorry I haven't been on here a lot I've gotten into the world of RPing and since I RP on DW I'm on here, but not on this journal. I watch and read everything though not on my journal. So a couple of things have happened this year even though I don't really remember alot here is a summary of the year!

Good things:
-I got off my butt and finally RP again after so long and I'm having so much fun!
-My couple finally happened in Naruto. Quick history I've followed the series since the beginning and I've shipped this couple since the beginning and I never thought it would happen and it did! I'm so happy I'm through the moon!

-I lost my writing confidence for a while, but I finally found it. It's one of the reasons I haven't posted anything in a while.

-I worked through my nerves and published a story on this site called JukePop Serials. I asked my uncle for help and found out that my family is supported and all I had to do was tell them. The story is here and it's called New Home it's a paranormal romance story set in my hometown of Detroit. My characters from Pleasant Surprise will be there because I felt it was easier to use Detroit and Michigan as the landscape for an urban fantasy story. I guess it would be urban fantasy. Well check it out! If you'd like :)


-Changed my major and felt better that I made a decision based on my mental health and it turned out alright.

-Flirted for a while and while it didn't work out in the end I'm happy that I was able to figure out what I want in a person.

Alright those are some good things of course, there's always bad things too.

-Things are still stagnant at home.

-Still seen as a 15 year old instead of 25

-Had to change majors after being in education for over four years, so annoying, but helpful

-Was promised that I would receive help getting a car and it never happened.

-Almost dropped out of school like for real

-Almost fell back into my depression and stopped writing for a while

-Almost made a bad decision, but stopped myself from doing it

So all in all 2014 wasn't that bad. I do have some goals for the future though!

-Write more in all my worlds

-More Sam and Ed (I've missed my boys)

-Make either Tsukino/Kazu or Helen/Nate a serial and flesh out their main story a bit more

-Start doing prompt calls. If I started would anyone be interested in that?

-Look for a summer job because I need one.

-Keep writing

-Try to be a better friend online and RL

-Visit bestie in St. Louis

-Start dating (I finally think I'm cute and interesting enough)

-Read more

-Take better care of myself.

Woo that was long, but for anyone that kept up I'm glad you did! Alright I'll try to post on here more when I'm not in a sea of RP tags lol.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I hope this year is awesome for you because you deserve it!

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I spent all day trying to write the cute fic of Amy/Jasmine (no canon name yet, but that's the name of it XD) and I've been stuck on one part all day and it makes me so frustrated because the part I'm stuck on is describing Jasmine who's an African American woman. I'm an African American woman and I can't describe Jasmine.

Yes I'm sure there's a lot that goes into why I'm having problems, but right now I'm really frustrated that I spent all day on that.

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Even though I have a bunch of stuff to write and finish my brain convinced me it's a good idea to write a story about a diner with lesbians falling in love while one is an artist and the other loves science. Did I mention that in my head they're interracial as well?

Thanks brain for giving me probably a new canon or a human spin off to Pleasant Surprise.

So yeah that's um coming soon XD

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I haven't updated in a while so I will do so now! My birthday went great! I was able to drive by myself and it felt so great! My mom rented a car for me for two days and even though the thought of driving by myself terrified me at first I now love it! I can't wait to get a car of my own. :) I also got to pick dinner, got some awesome presents, awesome card, and my birthday cake form my grandma. So much yummy food!

I'm still a sad panda about my bestie moving for grad school. I know it's right for her, but I will miss her. I'm thinking about joining her once I graduate and am finally free from my university.

I actually made a profile on Elance, set up a portfolio, and tomorrow I have to have a skype chat so they can see I'm real. I'm pretty nervous about that, but I'm sure I can do it. I'll see more about my options soon. I can only hope I'll get something at my university.

Writing is going well, if I can put my game down for more than five minutes XD. I got Tomodachi Life for the 3DS as an early birthday gift and since it's pretty much me having an interactive fanfic and original fic in my hands it's hard to put down, but I know what's going next.

Fics to be posted:
-Claire's mother comes to help her out, but Claire isn't in the mood.
-Bernard/Alene/Albert threesome (yes it's going to happen soon promise ><)
-Sam/Ed first kiss

Other than that my anxiety hasn't kicked up in a while and that's really good. :)
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It's been a while since I wrote something. I can thank that to my anxiety hitting the roof for a couple of days, but I'm doing pretty good. I've stopped drinking a bunch of coffee, stress eating, and pulling out my hair. My hair is growing back! Woo!

-I do need to write something I miss everyone and I have such awesome ideas too.

-Still job searching and it sucks, but I made some connections the other day so that was awesome.

-Trying not to close myself off here and RL. That's another reason why I haven't posted much on here. I want to ask for prompts, but I don't want them to pile up on the other things I have. I will ask anything you would want to see and I'll get to it.

-Job searching sucks, sucks so bad!

-My birthday is in 14 days and I'm half excited because I made it to 25 and half dreading it because I'm 25 and no job yet. Ugh, but it's gonna be my birthday soon and I love it. It's my one day to act selfish and I take it. ^^

-One day I will be able to watch a movie without having to hear someone twice my age cringe and go "Eww" when a gay or lesbian couple kiss. That will happen one day.

-That's all for now. :)
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I finally archived all of my original pieces for Pleasant Surprise! My other two canons will be easy to do, but it's finished! Finished!

Here it is right here!

Now I can finally start writing new things for them without having to worry about it piling on top of other stuff! So new things soon! :)


Apr. 29th, 2014 10:24 pm
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My meta on Pleasant Surprise is posted in the rainbowlounge! I hope I could do that and if not, I'll post it here. So happy I finished it that I already have another one planned. XD These are really fun to write.

Now I can get back to archiving and using my spreadsheets. OMG why didn't I use that sooner!

Next is revising a fanfic chapter, writing an article, getting my blog back on track, and a chapter of my serial while thinking of a new one.

Oh yeah job searching is in there because I like money.

Really happy I did it!
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OMG I DID IT! I finished my essay on Pleasant Surprise where I talk about the origins, my love of music, and epic space battles! I'm gonna let it sit for a day then clean it up, but it's done! *dances* It's not half as long as I thought it would be. ^_^

Oh and one AU that's been kicking in my mind Regency AU because reasons. Can't you see Bernard and Alene trying to make things work during that time. XD

Oh yeah one more thing: I just love, love LOVE Ryuuko and Mako's friendship in Kill La Kill! I've been looking at picture on Tumblr and they're so cute! I may also ship these two because it makes sense. :)

Okay back to looking at pictures!


Apr. 14th, 2014 03:50 pm
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So while I try not to fret about my essay (I'm at the point where I write essays and hope it sounds good) I am free for a while! Now I can go back to archiving. I'm trying not to write anything new until I archive everything currently. OMG I'm still amazed that I wrote so much and that I didn't quit like I usually do so woo!

Still though *flops over* omg so much!

Oh yes I finally had time to start the meta for Pleasant Surprise! It's a rambly mess right now lol, but it will be finished soon. :) FYI I'm gonna be talking about anime, 80s music, and there will be a mentioned of games and fantasy books. Everyone likes that y/y? Yes.

Before I mentioned the current to do list attention Sam and Ed. You will get your stories soon! Gosh! I know you two want to hook up and have relationships and cute AU where you're college roommates that fall in love, but give me some time! Can you believe these two? They're as bad as Bernard and Alene. Speaking of which I was on TV Tropes (not wasting time mind you) and I found some tropes I think fits Bernard pretty well what do you all think?

Bernard: -Adorkable Dad
-Papa Bear
-Happily Married: (With Alene of course)
-Babies Ever After
-Badass Family (One of his sister is a mad scientist)
-Adult Fear (When his children was kidnapped, Axel's death, Albert almost drowning, and er others)
-You are not alone (How many of his friendships start)
-Chronic Hero Syndrome
-Delinquent (He wasn't the best behaved child in school)

I think that's enough for now or I'm going to do a whole thing on his character. XD

Current to do list:
-Pass this awful semester in school



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