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Time for a new intro! Hello my name is Blossom or Chiyo online, but you may also call me Jen if you want. My name is so common XD Anyway welcome to my journal! I'm 24 and currently an English major in college. When I'm not pulling my hair out over school I write, read, cook, play the Sims and other video games.

I'm one of those people who grew up watching Doug, Rugrats, Pokemon (still plays the games) and would make up what if stories about them that I shared with my brothers (I have two) and that we keep up to this day!

I'm also a big reader that goes from classics like Shakespeare and Sherlock Holmes to romances to Amy Tan (one of my favorite authors) to sci-fi to fantasy to anything that looks good and can take me away for a couple of hours. A big Harry Potter fan and slowly poking at Tolkien (like really slowly) also fan of paranormal monsters, faeries, dragons, and pretty much anything supernatural.

A very big anime fan as well with my current obsession being Free! (it's supposed to be an anime of swimming it's not suppose to give me feels!) I've read/watched tons of things like DB, DBZ, Sailor Moon, CLAMP, Cardcaptor Sakura, Shingeki no Kyojin, Free!, Saiyuki, Naruto, One Piece, and many more things. (If you ask me I've probably seen it unless it's something really sad or violent) Some of my first stories and original characters come from pages of fic I used to write while I was bored in my English classes in high school. I also wrote a fic about princesses saving their princes in middle school with two of my classmates. (I still have the notes.)

I also love to make jewelery! I used to make things all the time and wanted to take the step into making something more, but after my dad threw out my thread and bag of beads (he thought it was trash even after I wrote a note) I lost all motivation for it, but it's slowly coming back and I won't be deterred from it.

On top of anime and manga I'm a big Marvel fan and I love video games. I have a 3DS and I play it so much! I love the Animal Crossing Series, Pokemon, Phoenix Wright, Resident Evil and many more.

I also write! I write fanfiction and I'm dipping my toes in original as well. I'm a member of [community profile] rainbowfic and I'm trying to get an original novel planned out, but it's really hard. The majority of my ideas sounds like copy cats of bad romance novels and I don't want that so back to the drawing board. Many of my stories, both original and fanfiction, has happy endings. Mostly based of my belief that a happy ending isn't guaranteed in RL, but at least it can be in fiction.

I have GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) and Depression so if I don't respond to you in a timely manner, it's not you it me. Though I'm getting better at it at least I hope so.

Big on movies and tv pretty much anything that interests me I love! I'm also learning how to cook more and my ultimate goal this year is getting my license. I know it may look silly, but trust me this has been a battle 7 years in the making. I love cats and I can't wait to get one. Hmm another thing I also love to RP so if anyone if up for that drop me a line.

I love The Little Mermaid, Nightmare Before Christmas, the color purple, and mac and cheese.

Hmm I think that should be all. If you have anything else to ask let me know! :)


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