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A couple of things I made a round up post about August! It's been a weird summer without my grandpa, but I made it. That makes me happy.

-Being able to play my 3DS and getting a new card to be able to get two more files for my Harvest Moon games.

-Getting in touch with some of my old friends online

-Celebrating my brother’s birthday

-Getting further in my video games

-Already having my loans and things set for school

-Getting my favorite ice cream after I accidentally left the pint out in the car one summer day

-I wrote almost every day this month! (It was fanfics, but it still counts to me)

-I uploaded a lot more on fan sites too

-I’m working on my confidence when it comes to my writing

-I kept up with my updates here something I’m happy about

I have some plans for September too!

-Start updating my serial New Home again. (It's right here if anyone is interested)

-Work on some fics on my hard drive (both original and fanfic)

-Look into getting a Patreon (if I got one would that interest anyone?)

-Setting up an editing post soon. (It will help me get some money while I look for a job)

-Start planning a novel that I will self publish (SWL I really like the suggestion you gave me!)

-Try to bring some more life back here. Hopefully XD

I’m not going to hold myself to these goals too hard, but I am going to try and keep them.

Do you have any goals for September? I’d love to hear them. ^^

Date: 2015-09-02 02:40 am (UTC)
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Fanfic counts! And I'm glad you got more icecream. I know I'd be looking forward to your novel even if I hadn't helped with it because yes! And as it is, I'm very happy I was able to provide assistance.


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